Tanks on support frame (for hooklifts) - CIB RANGE

For Slurry Tanking / Suction / Watering applications


Gourdon tanks on support frame offer versatility to your activities. In association with your truck and / or trailer with hooklifts, your equipment takes on a new dimension and brings you flexibility thanks to the modularity of the tools on.


  • Agricultural spreading: spreading slurry or transferring digestate to obtain the desired agronomic effect.
  • Watering worksites: limit the rise of dust and surrounding pollution during construction or quarry works.
  • Water sewing: emptying the pits and cleaning the networks and pipes.


Gourdon brings you its expertise and advice in defining your project.

How to configure your tank on support frame?

1. Define the hardware application according to your activity.

2. Fill in the characteristics of the support material (truck and / or trailer with hooklift).

3. Define the characteristics of the bodywork of your tank:

  • Volume on demand (from 4 to 22 m³)
  • Partial wall partitions
  • Compartmentalization possible by integral fixed partition(s)
  • Surface treatment: RAL polyurethane, Tankguard® coating, galvanization
  • Custom branding to your image
  • Stainless steel rear flap
  • Lateral pipe holders
  • Plastic or metal toolbox(es)

4. Define the autonomy and driving of your tank:

  • Vacuum pump for suction / delivery (see options)
  • Connection to the hydraulics of the hooklift (see options)
  • Thermal motor for autonomous drive (see options)
  • High pressure pump for water cleaning application (see options)

5. Define the control of the functions of your tank:

  • Hydraulic distributor with manual controls
  • Electro-hydraulic distributor with remote control box or in the cabin
  • Remote control electrical cabinet at the rear of the truck and / or radio control

6. Define the filling and emptying connections:

  • Lateral pumping arm swiveling on front base
  • Connection(s) DN 50 to 200 mm (AV-AR-side positions to be defined)
  • Top filling cone (gravity filling)
  • 1/4 turn manual or hydraulic valve(s) (DN 50 to 200 mm)
  • Manual or hydraulic knife gate valve(s)
  • Internal gooseneck for accelerated filling
  • Claw or symmetrical fittings
  • Watering pallet
  • Spreading boom

7. Equip the equipment to carry out control and maintenance operations:

  • Manhole Ø 800mm (rear or upper with inspection scale)
  • Full opening bottom (manual or hydraulic locking)
  • Needle or transparent level (position of your choice)
  • Bull's-eye
  • "Low level" detector and buzzer

8. Equip the equipment with the accessories necessary for productive, comfortable and safe work:

  • Spiral or flattenable PVC suction hose (Ø 50 to 150 mm)
  • Banana for guiding and protecting pipes (flexible or rigid)
  • Rear beacon(s)
  • Floodlight(s)
  • Triangle "works" (manual or electric lifting)
  • Hydraulic or manual reels for rewinding the pipes (water sewage)
  • Cleaning nozzles and high-pressure lance (water sewage)
  • Information: Tanks on frame are not available in the ADR version (transport of hazardous materials).


Depending on your application, equip your tank with the appropriate suction, delivery and drive components:

1. Vacuum pump

The vacuum pump allows you to vary the volume inside the tank to suck up material or push it back. Gourdon recommends two types:

Vane pump

  • Suitable for suction and water tanks
  • Economic
  • Flow rate from 7200 l / min to 53000 l / min
  • Vacuum degree: 60% to 80% continuous
  • Cooled by air injection or water
  • Lubrication of the vanes by oil injection

Lumbar pump

  • Suitable for intensive use such as water sewage
  • Vacuum flow rate: from 21,000 l / min to 181,000 l / min
  • High degree of vacuum: 93% continuous
  • Little wear
  • Cooled by air injection

Vacuum pumps are usually fitted with a vacuum line: a cyclone purifier, a silencer on the suction and / or discharge of the pump, an overflow ball valve, a vacuum valve and an overpressure valve.

2. High pressure pump

The high pressure pump delivers water at high pressure for intensive cleaning work. Gourdon recommends one type:

High pressure pump

  • Piston pump (flow rates / pressures to be defined)
  • Water filter and control valve

This equipment is accompanied by accessories such as the high pressure lance, HP hoses Ø1 / 2 "on manual reel 50m or Ø1" on reel with hydraulic drive and high pressure cleaning nozzles.

3. Thermal motor

The thermal engine allows you to use your tank on a frame independently, whether it is located on the chassis of the truck / trailer or whether it is "on the ground" in a fixed position. This equipment is equipped with the usual accessories of a thermal engine such as filters, coolers, diesel tank, etc. The definition of the brand and the engine power (kw) will be carried out jointly with Gourdon according to your application.