Tanks on trucks

For Suction / Jetting applications.


From the watering of Public Works sites to the transfer of digestate, from road cleaning to jetting : we have a tank on support frame fitting your needs.

Benefit from the advice and assistance of our teams. They will support you for the designing and manufacturing of your customized equipment made for your application.

Make a safe, reliable and profitable investment.

Reliable and efficient equipment according to your needs :

- Auxiliary engine : Autonomy of the soundproof suction/jetting unit for a convenient use.

- Purification cyclone : Protection of the vacuum pump against solid particles during suction. Eased maintenance through a drain valve.

- Access : Part-turn rear valve mounted on manhole opening

- Lateral pumping arm : Liquid suction operated from the cabin.

- Reels : Rear and lateral reels with manually or hydraulically operated for an optimal user convenience.