The company history

  1. 2017

    Expansion of the Lateral Dump Carts range.
    Specialized in the manufacturing of trailers for more than 40 years, Gourdon SA is a family business which makes the choice to place its expertise at your disposal to offer smart and quality equipment.
    Let's build the future together...

  2. 2015

    Design of the first 33 m3 Lateral Dump Cart.
    Design of a 53 m3 High Volume Trailer with front cylinder and hydraulic removable extensions.
    Development of trailers for forestry industry.

  3. 2013

    S.A. GOURDON celebrates its 40th anniversary !

    Makeover of the Monoshell Trailers range (new manufacturing line, use of HSLA DOMEX 500 steel).
    Design of the first mobile auger loading unit.
    Implementation of a new data mangement system and of a new quality monitoring process.

  4. 2007 - 2012

    Launch of the first hydraulic powered axles, in partnership with POCLAIN HYDRAULICS, for Earth Moving Trailers.
    Creation of a new surface treatment unit and of a new assembly hall.
    Launch of the High Volume Monoshell Trailers range.
    Development of the Hooklift Trailers range in partnership with GUIMA PALFINGER.
    Launch of the Tanks range for Public Works and Environment industries.

  5. 1999 - 2005

    Design of the Monoshell Joker Trailers range.
    Development of the Road Trailers range with air braking.
    Acquisition of a welding robot.

  6. 1992 - 1995

    Diversification of the activities towards Public Works and construction.
    Development of new methods of production.
    Creation of a design office.
    Exhibition at the INTERMAT and SIMA fairs.

  7. 1987 - 1990

    Expansion of the first production facility.
    Development of a distribution network.
    Design of the Fodder Trailers range.
    Expansion of the Trailers with sides and Green Spaces ranges.

  8. 1980

    Design of the first Monoshell Trailers range and implementation of a distribution network by Didier GOURDON.

  9. 1973

    First trailer manufactured by Michel GOURDON, a 6-ton farm trailer with sides.